Prophet Muhammad’s Household Tree: Dad and mom, Siblings, Wives, And Youngsters

Often known as Allah’s final devoted messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) was most humble together with his household and Ummah.

He accepted his most memorable disclosure from Allah when he was 40 years of age and spent the rest of his life instructing the message of God. He fabricated and drove probably the most vital space of Muslims and certain collectively many of the Center Jap Promontory underneath Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was recognized for being a household man, native space pioneer and legislator.

Prophet Muhammad’s Household

Abd Allah bin Al-Muttalib and Amina bint Wahb gave start to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 570 CE. He was their sole youngster. His household was certainly one of Makkah’s usually noticeable and had a spot with the Quraysh clan’s Banu Hashim faction. His dad died earlier than his introduction to the world, and he was raised by his mother, who shared her childhood with a moist nurse caretaker referred to as Halima bint Abi Dhuayb and her higher half, who had a spot with the roaming clan of Sa’d ibn Bakr. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived together with his momentary mom till age 2.

When he was six years outdated, Muhammad misplaced his mom and was taken care of by his paternal grandfather, Abd al-Muttalib. Nevertheless, his grandfather handed away when he was eight years outdated, and he was raised by his paternal uncle, Abu Talib, who grew to become the brand new head of the Banu Hashim group.

Prophet Muhammad’s Spouses

Prophet Muhammad’s household included 13 spouses, alluded to because the ‘Mothers of the Devotees.’ He was monogamous together with his most memorable partner, Khadija bint Khuwaylid, till her passing. The names and insights concerning each one of many spouses of Prophet Muhammad are as per the next:

Khadija bint Khuwaylid:

She was a rich shipper and widow who utilized Muhammad as a service provider. She was 15 years extra seasoned than him. Moreover, they’d a cheerful monogamous marriage for fairly a very long time. She and the Prophet had six children, together with 4 little women and two youngsters, who handed on within the early levels.

Sawdah bint Zam’ah:

It’s stated that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married her when she was round 55 years outdated. The Prophet married her to guard her from a difficult life as a widow. Their marriage was extra agreeable than heartfelt.

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Aishah bint Abu Bakr:

She was Abu Bakr’s little lady who was a buddy of Prophet Muhammad. She wedded the Prophet when she was exceptionally youthful. Additional down the highway, she grew to become an educator and storyteller of the Prophet’s proclamations, Hadith and customs.

Hafsah bint ‘Umar:

She was a widow too. Her husband was killed whereas serving to the injured on the entrance line.

Zainab bint Khuzaimah:

After getting married to Muhammad, she handed away solely eight months later. She was an older widow of a fallen Muslim who was recognized for his benevolence and generosity in direction of the poor.

Umm, Salamah:

As a widow, she had moved to each Madinah and Abyssinia. Her most memorable partner kicked the bucket abandoning 4 youthful vagrants, after which the Prophet wedded her.

Maria al-Qibtiyya:

Maria was proficient to Muhammad as an enslaved individual in 628 and introduced forth Ibrahim, certainly one of Muhammad’s three youngsters.

Juwayriah bint Al-Harith:

The combat killed her vital different, and Muslim powers caught her. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) liberated her when he married her.

Umm, Habibah:

She and her most memorable partner had been early proselytes to Islam. She separated from her higher half when he returned to Christianity and later wedded Muhammad.

Maimunah bint al-Harith:

She lived with Muhammad for a fairly very long time within the wake of marriage ceremony him in 629. He handed on quickly after three years of marriage.

Safiyyah bint Huyayy:

 Earlier than lengthy, she modified over utterly to Islam and wedded Muhammad.

Raihanah bint Jahsh:

After Muslims killed her most memorable husband in a battle, she, the daughter of a Jewish tribal chief, was captured. She wedded Muhammad after he liberated her.

Prophet Muhammad’s Youngsters

The group of Prophet Muhammad moreover incorporate his seven children. Everybody, besides one, was from his most memorable partner, Khadija. His children included three youngsters – Abdullah, Qasim and Ibrahim, each certainly one of whom kicked the bucket in youth. He moreover had 4 women, to be particular:

Hadhrat Zainab:

She was Muhammad’s oldest little lady from Khadija. She modified over totally to Islam when Muhammad uncovered himself because the Prophet.


She become a Muslim concurrently together with her mother.

Umm Kulthum:

Muhammad and Khadija’s most memorable daughter, born after they moved to Makkah, was she. Not lengthy after her mother handed on, she switched utterly to Islam.


She was Muhammad’s most youthful little lady and the mom of his grandsons, Husayn and Hassan. She invested most of her vitality supplicating and is a superb instance for all Muslims.

Greater than a substantial variety of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companions and family members are buried near Masjid A Nabawi. The cemetery conveys colossal significance because it has graves of the Prophet’s spouses, little women and members of the family.